Solaris UV Sterilizer
Solaris UV Sterilizer
Solaris UV Sterilizer
Solaris UV Sterilizer
Solaris UV Sterilizer

Solaris UV Sterilizer

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Purchase of Solaris UVC Sterilizer comes with:

  • 2 Years Product Warranty
  • 5 Years UV-LED Warranty
  • Islandwide Delivery




EternalGuard Technology

A patented technology that ensures that our UVC are shielded from wear and tear, prolonging the lifespan of the overall product. The "reversed programming" in Solaris UVC Sterilizer - a revolutionary approach that sets it apart as the most special and advanced in the market.

360 Degree Complete Sterilization

The 360-degree coverage ensures that all surfaces and objects within the Solaris sterilizer receive equal exposure to the UVC light, leaving no areas untreated. which means ZERO dead zone.

72-Hour Smart Sterile Mode

A specialized storage mode designed to maintain the sterility of items for up to 72 hours.

16 Litres Capacity

16-litres capacity provides a relatively spacious interior, allowing for the sterilization of various types of items. It can accommodate a range of objects, such as baby bottles, utensils, personal care items,

4 Modes Of Usage

Solaris UVC Sterilizer has 4 default modes for you to choose from: DRY > is for Drying only. UV > Sterilization mode, for you to sterilize your personal items without drying. AUTO > will be the complete cycle of all the modes, starting from Sterilization to Drying. STORAGE > Full cycle of the Auto Mode + Storage for 72 hours (it will auto sterilize the bottles every 2 hours during the 72 hours storage mode)

Premium Anti-Glare Display

Solaris UVC Sterilizer is built with premium display that incorporates an anti-glare coatings and technology to reduce reflections and minimize glare. This improves visibility and comfort, especially in well-lit environments or when viewing from different angles.

Night Lamp

The soft glow of the night lamp in the Solaris UVC Sterilizer helps to enhance visibility in dark environments, reducing the risk of objects tripping over. It can be especially helpful for older adults who may require additional illumination during the night.


Orders & Shippings

The UVC Sterilizer can be set up yourself without professional installation, you can expect your order to be delivered within 3 to 5 days. You may contact our customer service at if you have a preferred delivery date.

Shipping is free for all orders that are $100 and above. For orders below $100, there will be a shipping charge of $5 incurred.

Yes you can - but we'll need a heads-up 48 hours in advance. You can reach out to our customer service staff at or at our hotline 64814572.

If you happen to not be at home when we're delivering your order, you can reach out to us by calling us at 64814572. But rest assured, we will reach out prior to delivery.


For online payment, we accept the following options:
- Master
- American Express
- Paynow
- Atome
- Grabpay

For offline payment, we accept the following options:
- Master
- American Express
- Paynow
- Atome
- Grabpay
- Kris+

Yes, we do accept instalment plan.

With Atome, up to 6 months.
With Credit Card, up to 12 months.

You may check in with us via live chat (whatsapp) for more information on instalment plans.

Product Registration & Warranty

We would recommend you getting the person who gifted you to help you with the warranty registration. Alternatively, feel free to speak to us over at our Live Chat or email us at and we will be happy to help!

For Solaris UVC Sterilizer, warranty starts from the day you register your product warranty online. We would recommend you to register the product only on the day you receive it.

& if you're getting for your newborn, you can update your warranty under the "Update Warranty" Page with the date of birth of your newborn, and warranty will only start then.

During the warranty period, any service or repairs required will be done at our service centre in Ubi, you will need to bring the product down to the service centre.

Should you encounter any issues with your product, simply reach out to our dedicated customer support team at 64814572 or