Lynx Water Purifier Replacement Filters

Lynx Water Purifier Replacement Filters

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The Lynx Water Purifier utilizes a 3-filter system to deliver a comprehensive 8-stage water filtration process.

For the Lynx water filters, it is recommended to replace them after dispensing 2,000 litres of water. The filter change indicator will illuminate when this threshold is reached, serving as a reminder to users.

Given the variation in water consumption rates among households due to differences in size and lifestyle, a more accurate method for monitoring filter replacement is by tracking the volume of water passing through the filters.

Please be mindful to adhere to the specified filter change cycle. Prolonging the use of a filter beyond its intended lifespan can diminish water quality and compromise its effectiveness.


Pre Multi Carbon Filter

Stage 1
Sediment Filtration

Removes dirt, rust and
suspended solids.

Stage 2
Ion Exchange Resin
Removes heavy metal such as
copper, lead and cadmium.
Additionally, it also softens the water.

Stage 3
Pre Carbon Filtration
Removes any organic chemicals
and compounds such as
chlorine and Benzene.

NanoFact Filter (KX Fact)

Stage 4
Nano Membrane
Filters out any bacteria or harmful
microorganisms to a pore size of
0.001 Micron.

Stage 5
Positive Charge Membrance
Removes norovirus present in water.

Stage 6
Produces fibre in water that assists in our digestive system.

Antioxidant Alkaline Filter

Stage 7
Post Carbon
Removes odour and taste in water.

Stage 8
Antioxidant Minerals
Adds minerals into the water that are needed by our such as magnesium, calcium and potassium.